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I've been trying to plan a small home recording setup but keep getting confused and was hoping someone could help? I'm planning on getting a small desk (e.g. Peavey PV8 or similar) and plugging it into my soundcard so I can record in Cubase, but then I want to return the output from the soundcard to my mixer, and have the returned sound (as well as all my computer sounds) coming out of the main output of the mixer into my speakers. How would I go about doing this?

I'm thinking I could connect the RCA Tape outs to the sound card, then the sound card output to the RCA tape in, which (if the right switch was pressed) would send all sounds from my computer out of the speakers, and be controlled by the master fader.

Would this work or would it create a feedback loop or any other problems?

Thanks in advance for any help, I've been racking my brains over this for hours!

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Prince CZAR-ming
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Feb 22, 2010 08:58 pm

Hey Dave, welcome to the HRC.

That's actually a GREAT way of doing it, with a mixer. I do it this way, and it's worked very well.

If your mixer has inserts or direct outs, then you can send 2 (or however many) signals independently to your PC. This number depends on your mixer channels, and the number of inputs on your soundcard.

If you're using onboard sound, then look for a LINE IN jack, and this will be 2 simultaneous inputs.

If you have inserts, then connecting a 1/4" mono patch cord from the insert to your PC inputs will work, BUT, you only plug the jack in to the first indent, or notch. Not all the way in. If your mixer has direct outs, then just plug in the jack all the way.

To me, this is the preferred method, as you tap signal right after the preamp, instead of sending your signal all the way through the mixer, and out the outputs.

Now, take your outputs (should be 2) and connect them to your last stereo input channel (like 7/8 or similar). Now you connect your monitor speakers to the main outs of the mixer. Connect headphones to the headphone jack on the mixer, and turn down the main fader when you're recording vocals (so you only hear stuff in the headphones). You can adjust incoming signal volume with the channel fader, control the playback volume with the 7/8 fader, and control headphones with HP volume, and control the monitor volume with MAINS fader.

Works a treat.

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Feb 25, 2010 09:27 am

Hey Dave,

You can go a lot of different routes and ways with setting up a home studio. You sound like you got a good start, or at least a good idea on the start.

I was actually looking for some help recently from a member on here (Noize2U) on how to treat my room for recording. I ended up cutting him a short 5 min video, and he enjoyed more then I thought, and has been talking to me about future videos to post here at HRC to help some other members who are starting out get some ideas going. Not sure when/if we are going to continue on the idea, but he has been pretty tied up recently. I am hoping it will come together to help guys like you out and maybe generate some ideas.

But overall, it sounds like you are on the right track...

Good luck!

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