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I need some very basic help. This is the setup of the system. I have an Apple iMac using Logic Pro 8. I have a UCA 200 USB interface and a Xenyx2442FX mixer.

Is there a way to get all ten inputs from the mixing desk through to Logic Pro as separate tracks. Currently any tracks from the mixer end up on one track in the software. I am reasonably computer literate but a total newbie on mixing and multitrack recording. I would settle for 2 tracks as this could be used a number of times to create the multitrack.

I also wonder how you would record drums using a number of drum mics.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Feb 17, 2010 02:38 pm

From what I read about the mixer and the device, you are limited to two channels in and out.

IF I am reading the info right at Behringers web site in my quick browsing.

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Feb 17, 2010 02:50 pm

Yeah, that's right, db Masters. The first crushing blow you must accept here, david_swales, is that multiple simultaneous recorded ins are going to cost you way more than the Behringer UCA 200. But yes, you can record one or two tracks at a time with what you have. I believe there is quite a bit of information both here and on the web pertaining to drum miking. For starters, if you have a drum machine, you could work out a full-on ensemble (a whole song), load it into the DAW in stereo, and play and record along to it. You can get very good results indeed doing this. Good luck.

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Feb 17, 2010 04:53 pm

Thanks you have confirmed the issue of 2 ins and 2 outs. Tim you hint that it will cost way more than a UCA200 to get the multiple channels. What would I need to look at to get to the multiple channels. Thanks for the advice about the drums.

I still have the issue that even if I have 2 separate lines from the mixer they still end up on just the one channel in the software.

Thanks for any continued advice. This is a good forum as you guys are really prepared to help out real novices like me.

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Feb 17, 2010 05:53 pm

Re: multiple input interfaces, I think one of the cheapest options is the Delta 1010lt, or the Tascam 1641. The 1010LT is a PCI device, where the 1641 is a USB interface. The 1010lt would need to connect from the direct outs on your mixer to individual inputs on your 1010lt. The 1641 would just have mics or instruments plugged directly into the front of the 1641.

I think they'd both work in MAC, and I also think they're both at 299$us. Actually, I think the delta 1010lt is 199$us. Research would be in order. The delta is tried and true, and has been around for years. The 1641 is younger, so maybe there'd be bugs yet to squash, but again, more research would be in order. Since you already have a mixer w/ preamps, you'd not need the preamps built into the 1641 near as much as someone without a mixer.

I still have the issue that even if I have 2 separate lines from the mixer they still end up on just the one channel in the software.

I believe that mixer has direct outs so you can tap signal from each channel, sending it to an individual input on an interface (like mentioned above). If no direct outs, then channel inserts work just the same way, though you don't plug a patch cable all the way in, just to the first indent, or click.

So on that mixer, you can send as many signals individually as what you have direct outs (or channel inserts). Probably more than 8, i'd think.

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