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Hi guys, as the name implies, I am pretty much clueless about recording.

I have adobe audition 3.0 and my input device is the US-122 tascam interface. I have two major problems:

1) The input is fully functional, but the mic input (volume) is much lower than I want it, even with the microphone input on the interface turned all the way up. Other than using AA to amplify the sound which distorts things, is there a solution for this that I'm missing?

2) The output is a major problem. I bought headphones to plug into my interface so I could work on multiple tracks at once. The problem is, when I set the output to my interface, I get no sound. Strangely enough, on SOME of my files it works. But I've been testing it out by recording random sounds into my microphone and then setting the output to the interface, and I get nothing. I can't see any difference in setup in with the saved files that do work and the files that don't.

Thank you very much for any help you can provide!

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