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Im new to this great website . im a musician who has a strong interest in getting schooled on recording . i have had my own home studio for 10 years and i have learned a lot by myself through reading books etc. i have advanced knowledge with some software such as reason , acid , cubase etc and have a korg d3200 and a roland vs 880 ex amongst some of my equipment . i want to really learn how to eq, use effects and plug-ins , mix and master a lot more proffesionally . im limited to online courses due to my location . i have spent many hours surfing the web looking for the idedal course that may help me . Any advice on any courses that anybody knows , that are reasonably affordable or any video courses that can be purchased would be appreciated. thanks Frank

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Prince CZAR-ming
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Jan 21, 2010 08:21 pm

Though I have no real help, I hate to see a thread get missed. I know there's been a few on here that have taken courses, but I can't remember if anyone's taken online courses.

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Jan 21, 2010 08:29 pm

YES!!! Take online courses at

Fantastic learning experience there, great course textbooks, knowledgeable instructors who are fairly available at all times, lots of other students in class are often skilled in specific areas of recording. The only problem with the programs are their pricetag (along the lines of $1300 for a 12 week course). If that's not feasible for you; I still highly recommend any book from Berklee Press.

Where are you from out of curiosity?

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