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OK, I'm looking for the best setup for recording with the equipment that I have now, but willing to add a piece or two to improve ease of use. So here is what I have:

Dell Dimension 8400 w/ a sound blaster on it (willing to replace the sound card)
Yamaha MG 10/12 mixer
Audix PH-3S Monitors
Roland KR-3000 digital keyboard/piano
AKG C-3000 condenser mic
Shure Prolouge dynamic mic
M-Audio 49 key usb keyboard
Alesis 3630 Compressor
Akai MPD 24 USB Pad Controller
Boss ME-50
Old Kustom 150 Bass head (using it for guitar til i can replace the head with a guitar tube head)
Randall 4x12 cab
Crate BX-100 Bass amp
Peavey Bass
Fender Guitars
Epi Acoustic
Ibanez acoustic/electric
Fender Princeton 112+ Practice amp.

For software I have Reason 4 and Audacity

Other information is that on my computer I use a Sony receiver and Yamaha bookshelves as my computer speakers.

So what woudl be the best way to setup my gear? Should I get a audio interface?

Also this is all set up in one room and is mainly being used for one track at a time or just having friends over and doing some jamming to have some rough tracks. I woudl like the recordings to sound a little more professional. Also is there a way to record multiple tracks at once. I figure I will need something for that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Prince CZAR-ming
Since: Apr 08, 2004

Dec 09, 2009 08:18 pm

Howdy rbeaty, welcome to the HRC.

I'd say you're well on your way, equipment wise. I would, however, suggest something like a Maudio Delta 44. This will give you 4 simultaneous inputs, from which you can send signal from your mixer to your PC.

I have the 16/4 and use it like this, and it works very well.

Plug mic or instrument / line level into a channel on the mixer.

Connect 1/4" TS cable into the INSERT jack on the channel, but not all the way in, just up to the first indent. This will tap signal out from the mixer just after the preamp, but still send signal through the rest of the mixer.

Connect other end of 1/4" TS to delta (or other) input. All the way in this time, as it's a mono jack and plug.

Connect your monitors to each of the Main Outs. Then you can control the overall sound with your master fader.

Connect from 2 outputs on the delta (or other) over to the last two channels on your mixer, like the 11/12 stereo input. This will let you hear what is coming from the computer.

Plug headphones into your mixer headphone jack, and you'll hear both: incoming signals coming from mixer channels, plus, you'll hear the playback from your computer. Adjust each fader on the mixer to adjust your monitor levels. This adjustment does not affect the recorded signal, because only the trim knob (or gain knob) affects recorded signal level.

I would suggest a more robust software. Reaper comes to mind, as it's a full on multi-tracking package. it's free to try, but is fully functional shareware. 4 mb download, and non-invasive to your PC. www.reaper.fm

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