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My friends and I just moved into a house with a jam room and studio-ish room.

we have a large number of Mic's, cables, stands, we have the mac, a pretty nice Mackie board, running firewire M-AUDIO interface (nothing special about that piece) and monitors.

No other equipment, if anyone knows of a good rack mounted unit/hardware that would help us out also. We don't know anything about limiters/compressors/etc.


1. We want to install a window between the two rooms for viewing.

Any information on that would be helpful.
All I know right now is I have to install the window in the Jam room at an angle. Anything else as far as making it the best quality it can be?

2. We were going to drill a semi-large hole between the rooms and run the mic cables from the instruments straight through the wall to the mixer in the other room.

NOW - I'm thinking we should install some sort of patch-bay, a rack style unit with 11+ XLR ins - run that to the other side where another mic bay is - and onto the mixer . (it Will look nice, not sure if its the best way to go. Any ideas?)

3. Lastly, the Mac we use is a laptop. so firewire and USB are our limitations. the M-AUDIO device has proven itself worth the $200 paid for it.

WHAT is the best firewire/USB option as far as interfaces go right now?

that's a lot.
thanks a lot to anyone who can help.

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Nov 13, 2009 01:21 pm

You might find this link useful, I used it a few years ago, except I used a commercial double paned insulated glass that I found at a glass company that they couldn't use. Plenty of info on the site.
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Nov 13, 2009 01:38 pm

There's a glitch in the Matrix.

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Nov 13, 2009 01:41 pm

Any reason this is being asked AGAIN?



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