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I am building a PC for a friend. He needs it to be able to connect to his AKAI 2000xl via SCSI. My question is what SCSI interface does the AKAI 2000XL connect with. A standard 50 pin? Is it regular SCSI,Utra SCSI,Ultra2 SCSI, U160 SCSI, or what?

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Since: Apr 03, 2002

Apr 08, 2002 12:33 pm

here is some limited info on the product:


on this page, www.harmony-central.com/S...io-Plus-01.html I also found this rather odd statement "When i bought mine i had to track down the right Zip Dirve it has to be SCSI for a machintosh not PC."

and this: www.djmart.com/akaimpc2000xl.html none of which say anything other than "SCSI interface" Also, from that first page it says it was made in 1997 (if I am reading it correctly) which means it must be the standard 50-pin, becasue I don't think the smaller "ultra-wide" interface even existed then.

I can't say that I can answer your question, but I can provide this little bit of info and some common sense...which does not always apply in the field of computers :-)

What I would od is get the fastest stanrd 50-pin interface then it will work with anything with that 50-pin connection, as most are backwrds compatible...I think...

Since: Apr 06, 2002

Apr 08, 2002 01:08 pm

Thanks Dan. That does help. I have heard that very same thing yesterday about SCSI from a Mac. I will have to investigat further.

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Apr 08, 2002 01:10 pm

I have always been led to believe that they were the saem, and that that was the beauty of SCSI...I have such minimal Mac experience, kinda funny, my A+ certification never had even 1 question about Macs :-)

Let me know what you find out, I would be very curious to know.

Since: Apr 06, 2002

Apr 08, 2002 02:26 pm

Your right in believing that. That is supposed to be the beauty of SCSI(besides performance). I also believe it is one in the same and will probably work for both platforms, but hearing the same thing from two different sources in two days makes it a valid enough tidbit to check out.

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