Just when you thought you answered all my room treatment questions...

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I was offered a cheeeeeap place to set up my studio that has an ENORMOUS room for recording drums, not sure what the specific dimensions are. It's a big living room with a 25-30 foot ceiling, walls are about 20 feet across shortways and 25 feet longways. It's a living room, so there's sheet rock everywhere. Curious what (if any) treatment would be necessary for that room...

The real problem becomes the mixing room...a cube...a nasty...nasty cube. 8x8x8 with a hunk of the corner missing. Looks like this from aerial view:


Is it workable?

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Aug 30, 2009 04:25 am

im no expert but my room is also square, i started off with bass traps in every corner, floor to roof. and hung some thick hesian type sheet on the front and back wall.

I covered the actual door to the room with a doona cover and put my desk kind of in the middle of the room, off any of the walls.

i like the way mine turned out but i still need something to soak up the refletions coming off the roof, and then i think it'll be pretty good.

i'd make a partition or shield, for in front of the drum kit, maybe even a curtain seperating the drum room, from the mix room altogether.

i know a sqaure room isnt the best thing, but you can at least make it better than if you dint treat it.

alot better.

hope this helps somewhat.

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