Cracking And Popping - Cubase AI4 With Yamaha Audiogram 6 Box

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Originally could not get an Input Signal, on the Cubase AI4 with Yamaha Audiogram 6 Box, but now get a Signal if I set the Cubase Channel to Stereo, but still no Signal on Mono.

On some of the sample tracks I recorded, there is a lot of cracking and popping, and I read somewhere that to fix that, bring down the Buffer Size to 128.

Go into the ASIO Full Duplex Setup Window, and under the Direct Sound Output Ports and Input Ports it has, Device Name - USB Audio CODEC, and for the Buffer Size (Samples), you can not lower the number below 512. So does the Buffer Size really have any effect on eliminating the cracking and popping sounds, and should I be able to lower it down to 128.

The other thing is it lists the Input Latency at 81.2 ms and the Output Latency at 11.6 ms, which both seem really high. Is there any way to lower those.

Another question, Is there any way in the Cubase to change the Record Frequency from 44.1 Mhz to 48.0 Mhz.

Last question, I promise. The only way to hear the audio playback from the Cubase, is to turn up the DAW Knob on the Yamaha box. Is that all that knob does.

Thank you again, for any replies to these questions, which is greatly appreciated.

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Jun 29, 2009 05:09 am

buffer size is everything in this case.
it depends on how much ram you have on your computer .

for recording you want to have the buffer size around 256, some people can even get away with 512 but 256 is good if your computer can take it.
you'll get clicks and pops if you have it at 128 and you dont have enough ram. i have 4 gig ram and i dont think mine could take 128 for very long.

go as high as you can till you start hearing the timing go out too much, if you change the buffers and it sounds too out of time with say drums or other tracks your playing to, you can always grab the whole waveform when your finsihed recording that track, and move the whole thing across till its in time with the rest of it.

so just to clarify, 128 buffers is pretty dam small and will cause clicks and pops.
what are the specs ram wise on your computer? are you using the asio driver?

about the mono/stereo thing, you'll have to first go to Vst connections" in "devices" in Cubase and set up a "mono in" bus, and then in your project, change the "stereo in" to "mono in".
your manual will have those instructions too.

as for the 48 mhz. i think thats more for video or so im told.
stick with 44.1 for music.
you would have to change all that in your software and interface i think anyway.

all the other stuff you'll proly have to read the manual.
as i was told when i first came to this site, RTFM.


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