Recording Mono, Sending to Stereo Effects

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This is a real newbie question, so please bear with me.

I recorded an upright bass today to a mono Studio Projects large diaphragm mic. I want to add reverb. I'm using Cubase 5 and I set up an FX track. On that track, I can add a Waves mono or stereo reverb. I can send the mono bass track to the FX track with a stereo reverb and it spits out stereo. Is there a reason to do one or the other (send to an FX track with a mono reverb instance or a stereo reverb instance)?

Thanks for any help.

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Jun 06, 2009 12:52 am

Unless your final project is going to be mono, just use the stereo reverb.

Personally, I'd just uninstall all the mono spatial plugs... What's the use...

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