Just read an interesting article on Ricky Nelson's recordings.

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This was over at the pro sound web (not nearly as friendly as here), but I look at it every now and then, and thought some of the folks here might be interested in the article if they hadn't already seen it. You can cut and paste this into the address line. www.prosoundweb.com/artic...nelson_recordi/
If posting this is a no-no, I'm sorry.

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May 28, 2009 09:25 pm

Nice find Alice. I have read a similar article on Rick and on another artist who's name leaves me at the moment.

It is so very true about the sound they captured with such simple set ups.

And indeed, linking to that kind of thing is more then welcome.

I've been privileged to have recorded a good deal of session's with the Telefunken U47 they mention. The one thing they don't really touch on that the article I read made extremely clear is the room's that they recorded in were very conducive to capturing live sound. But mic placement and knowing how to mix and use them were the real star's of getting that kind of sound.

Its amazing to think that they did so many records without any processing of any kind. Straight through a barbaric mixer set up by today's standards, then straight into a tape machine. No extra crap in the signal chain at all. Just pure pristine sound.

Gives me warm fuzzie's just thinking about it.

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