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Hello all,

I am an experienced musician, and am fairly computer savvy, but am a complete newbie to midi.

I have a Roland TD-3 drum module hooked up to my electric drum pads. I have a Yamaha PSR-170 electric keyboard. I have a Roland Cakewalk USB MIDI Interface UM-1G with the latest drivers installed for my operating system. I am using Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit version, completely updated. I have 2gbs of RAM, running an amd quad core system. I have tried using Fruity Loops 8, CUBASE LE 4 and Battery 3 programs as interfaces (I had FL8 and CUBASE LE4 before hand and bought Batter 3 along with my USB interface...this is getting expensive!)...

I am attempting to do a few things:

1) I want to hook up my drums to Battery or the other programs using Battery as a VST plugin. Battery is working fine, but I cannot seem to get it to register the drums as a midi device. The UM-1G USB device is recognized by the computer and is even recognized by the program, but no midi seems to get sent. I have enabled the USB device in the program, but nothing.

2) I am also trying midi with my Yamaha keyboard. Again, the programs register the UM-1G USB interface, but no midi is getting picked up. I am also trying to change the sounds of my keyboard using samples on my computer.

I have spent many many hours researching this and have tried many many things (setting midi channels, etc). I have watched and read tutorials on general midi set up and specific midi set up for each program I try to use. I read the manuals for the MIDI interface and each of the two instruments I am trying to hook up to my computer.

I must be missing something obvious...Or maybe not. Again, I am at a loss and my wits end.

Anyone with any MIDI expertise out there?

PLEASE help me!!


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Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

May 24, 2009 11:00 pm

You don't mention this so I'll ask.

You will need a midi cable running from the midi out of the TD-3 as well as one from the PSR, depending on which one you want to use as the controller at the moment since I believe the UM1 is a 1 in 1out device. Anyway, the cable will go from the midi out of the device you want controlling the software to the midi in of the UM-1. This will allow the data from the controller to be input into the track you want to record on.

Which brings us to the next part. Make certain you are setting up a midi track with the UM-1 as the input device. And as well the track will need to be armed for recording.

Also, make certain the midi tracks output is directed at the VSTi such as Battery that you want to control. Also the audio track that the synth is in such as Battery has its output directed at what ever you are using as you audio output device.

Since: May 24, 2009

May 25, 2009 08:49 am

Thank you for your reply!

My midi cable, the UM-1G has in and out to the usb.

I am setting up the track with the UM-1G as the device. The midi indication light in the program does not light up when I press keys or hit the drums even though it has recognized the UM-1G...

What's next?

Thanks so much!

Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

May 25, 2009 02:09 pm

OK, your sure you have the UM selected as the input and output device in FL or Cubase or what ever? Then the midi in cable needs to be plugged into the midi out of whatever controller your using, keyboard or drum module.

Then you need to set up the midi track in its input section. Select the UM-1 as the input device and it should work.

Its very simple and straight forward. If it is not working this way then there is something incorrect, as in it is not selected as the input device in one of the areas I listed.

That or the device is bad and not working.

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