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I've been using Cubase SX for a long time for recording real guitars and basses instruments.

I've bought a MIDI keyboard (m-audio keyrig 25) for the first time and had some config problems. My system doesn't have any latency problems. When I plug a guitar, it's ok. But when play midi it is delayed. What am I missing? The provided Keyrig software doesn't have latency also...

Here is my setup:
Sony Vaio Laptop - Vista Home
Centrino2 - 4GB ram
M-Audio Mobile-Pre sound card.

Really appreciate any guidance.

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Czar of Midi
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Apr 27, 2009 02:48 pm

You will need to adjust the latency buffer in the M-Audio control panel. I suggest starting at 128 and work up from there if you get any pops or clicks. ou can adjust it up to 512 or higher for mixing if needed. But for recording 128 will give you lower latency using VSTi instruments.

I will also suggest using the ASIO drivers preferably or at the very least use the WDM drivers for best performance.

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