USB or CD drive for zoom mrs 1608

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Hi guys, I'm brand new here - great site! You really know your stuff!

I wonder if anyone can help me...

I bought a zoom mrs 1608 portastudio recently and diddn't realise the USB out interface was an optional extra (I'd used a friend's and just assumed that was how they came). Having done a bit of research I see to my joy that the item in question is discontinued.

Bang goes the easy route.

So I guess I need to find a compatible cd-rw drive and many of the people I've asked have said that any old one will do - an equal number have said that only certain ones will work but couldn't give me any more info. The website says I need a CD-02 drive, but I don't really know what one of those is, or how to identify it in a store (or how little I knew about cd drives, until I wrote that last sentence!)

Help a dimwit!

Thanks for your time,


PS - I'd really prefer to go the usb rout if I can - do you think it'd be worth posting a message asking if any of your users have one for sale?

PPS - I just went cold... it seems that even with a cd drive I'm screwed. Each track I need to transfer will be around a gigabyte in size...

I'm recording dialogue for a radio play and each performer records his or her dialogue into a single mic on a single channel - for about two hours (three to four takes of a half hour script). If the cd will only hold 800mb, doesn't this mean I can't even burn four seperate discs unless they're under this size?


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Mar 30, 2009 03:55 pm

I thought I had read somewhere that they were able to hook up viz USB to a PC and download either tracks or complete stereo mixes. Not sure about that though.

What website did you read the CD-02 on? All I'm finding is the old product page without much else on it. The manual download is there if you need that.

I would suggest that if you have a friend who has an external USB CD burner that you possibly borrow it and give it a try. That will answer that question.

Otherwise if you have a Guitar Center or other knowledgeable music store near you give them a try. At leat they would stand behind the recommendation and return it if it didn't work out.

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