no sound from speakers once i plugged in mbox into cubase sx!?!?!?

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Hi, I am new here and was playing originally with cubase sx and i had my mbox connected to usb in computer and I had my pioneer djm 800 through a 1/4" in the back of my mbox and had a mackie srm 450 connected into my mixer. Thats how I was getting sound since i didnt have monitors. I sold the mackie and the mixer and I was playing without the mbox but cubase gave me serious latency but there was still sound through my shitty average computer speakers. I plugged back in my mbox and oxygen8 controller and I can see there in no latency when i press a key but I am getting no sound from these speakers.

Can I go into devices somewhere and switch it or anything i can do to get sound in my speakers. Please let me know I will greatly appreicate it.


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Since: Mar 19, 2009

Mar 19, 2009 03:49 pm

when i originally had this set up the guy who helped me disabled my pc speakers somehow i think through device settings. Dont quote me on it but please help. I have this beat in my head right now and wanna lay it down. I'll return the favor

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Mar 20, 2009 10:31 pm

Yep, you need to go into the windows audio settings and set the M-Box as the recording and playback device.

Also in Cubase you need to do the same thing in your VST settings.

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