AKG C 5600???? Anyone familiar with this mic

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I just had someone pay me to lay down some guitar tracks with a Microohone they had layin around. It thought it was a bass drum mic. I did a little research but couldn't come up with much. I did find that this is not a drum mic, but in fact a vocal mic.

Does anyone know how the quality is on these...Is it worth anything? How does it compare to the AKG C3000B im using for vocals now?

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Feb 28, 2009 09:09 pm

Well to be honest the C5600 was designed to be a clone of their fantastic studio mic the C414 which was tried on the road and found to be pretty much not very durable. The 5600 was designed to be the same mic only for use on the road.

And yes it worked well as a vocal mic but also as an OH mic as well as a few other uses. never used one on a kick specifically or on guitar but am sure it would work.

As for comparing it with the 3000B, I'd take the 5600 any day of the week over a 3000. Not saying the 3000 is crap either, but the 5600 is a different animal all together.

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Mar 01, 2009 09:55 am


Thats just the info I was looking for

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