Recommedations for a 4 track recorder?

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Hi, I am looking for a 4 track recorder, under 1000$, that can record 4 channels of audio at the same time, and be able to mix down this sound. Also, I need for it to be able to record the audio for a camcorder, replacing the camcorder's internal mic, and for this audio to be easily synced to the correct timecode on the camcorder. Finally, I would like something that can record CD quality audio.

A related question: Why does the ability to produce timecode (for a videocamera or audio recorder) increase the price by several thousand dollars by that ability alone?


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Feb 14, 2009 09:42 pm

This is about the best bet in a budget priced unit that will do what you want.

But yes, it is about $1000 more then you want to spend. The main reason behind that is yes, the extra electronics are worth a good deal more. But the unit's like this are usually equipped with internal HD rather then relying on flash memory. There are a couple of 2 track units I have seen in the past that were a bit cheaper, but they had no editing function's or any other bell's and whistle's at all.

I guess my suggestion would be to possibly look to try and hook up with a used unit somewhere. Since that is really about the most affordable unit I have seen with the spec's you are looking for.

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