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I've just started using the Behringer UCA202 interface to record music using Audacity. The first few recordings were done just by connecting the UCA202 to the USB. The recordings were OK but seemed to lack some depth and dynamics. I thought if I downloaded Behringer's ASIO driver it would improve the recording quality. After I downloaded the driver it appears in my program files but it only appears as a sound device or in my driver files when the UCA202 is connected. It doesn't show in my audio devices folder when not connected. If I've downloaded the driver shouldn't it appear in the audio devices folder even it it's not connected? Also, when recording with Audacity now, how do I know if the downloaded driver is being used or if it's just using the driver from the UCA202? BTW, I'm using Windows XP and the stable version of Audacity.

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Jan 24, 2009 09:33 pm

The ASIO driver is for the UCA202, so if the UCA isn't plugged in you won't be able to use the driver as it is only that. A driver for the specific piece of hardware it was written for.

You'll know because you will go into the audio options section and specifically select that driver to be used. You cannot run multiple drivers at once such as WDM and ASIO together.

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