Bouncing tracks on Boss BR-1200CD

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Hi, pretty new to all this! I created 4 tracks last night. I set the output levels/ volumes to where they were good and I went trhough the process of bouncing the four tracks over to a stereo track prior to burning to CD. I assumed the recorded out put volume on the target stereo track would be the same as the input tracks but it was a lot lower? As I played/ recorded the tracks I noticed the output levels of the tracks where a lot more powerful than the new track I was creating. Am I doing something wrong? I didn't do any mastering etc.

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Jan 12, 2009 08:23 pm

Yep, the stereo track probably have a much lower output setting and will need to be bumped up before burning the CD.

Most users export the stereo mix to PC to use a 2 track software to pre master the audio for CD.

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