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Music is my boyfriend
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hey, telle me these terms in details that dummy can understand lol they like to explain processes to u but not the terms!
~(channel) automation track
~effect parameter
ill be back with more hehe

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Czar of Turd Polish
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Jan 09, 2009 01:01 pm

Whew, some of those are pretty easy (vst), some more involved (automation).

VST = Virtual Studio Technology
Your DAW software is VST compatible, your plugins are (most likely) VST plugins, it is pretty much a standard.

Effect Parameter - Simply what your settings are on a given effect (vst plugin). The settings on a compressor for instance(attack, release, threshold) are the parameters.

Bus - Simply another channel, but usually you send specific mixes to a bus. For instance I always create a bus for drums, I then tell all tracks with drums to output to the "drums" bus, that bus is then sent to the master out. I do this so I can apply compression and reverb to one track (bus) instead of six or more individual tracks.

I usually create several bus tracks in my projects. Drums, Guitars, Lead Vox, Backup vox.

Automation - Basically you can automate just about anything (volume, FX parameters, panning) on a single track, bus, or the master out.

One example, I automated reverb on the master mix so for the first few seconds so it sounded like I was outside a club (had some footstep samples playing also), then I inserted a sample for a door opening. As the door opened I automated the reverb to go from 100% down to about 10% (or off if you like) so the sound was much more in your face and up front. This of course created the effect that the listener was walking into a club with a live band playing. Just an example, but you can automate just about anything.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Jan 09, 2009 01:07 pm

Erm some of those terms can depend on what you're using, so it might help to know what situation, or context you're referencing.

You could also look through the tweakheadz website: There's a lot of fundamental information/terminology if you read through the site, and it's an excellent place to get started. They also have a few gear guides as well.

and: www.tweakheadz.com/choosi...our_studio.html

I can start on a couple though, and give some generic definitions.

VST - Virtual Studio Technology: Could either be an effect or an instrument. In the case of effects, they can be pretty much anything, including stereo enhancers, gates, compressors, etc. In a nutshell; Any software synth/instrument or software effects can be considered a VST. It is a very broad term.

A Channel, or track, is the actual channel on the mixer, or the DAW. The automation channel is just another track that's used for automating effects or instruments, but I think in most cases, any channel can hold automation data. It may depend on which DAW you're using, or if you're using outboard gear.

For the bus: (tweakheadz reference here)
What's a Bus?

A bus is a fader with its own dedicated output. Said differently, a bus is a major pathway from all channels to a single fader connected to an output. You can take everything going to that fader out of the mixer where you can send it to another piece (or rack) of gear. You can also bring the signal back in to the mixer on spare channels. On mixers with busses, there are routing buttons on each channel that lets you route the whole signal to one of the busses. The Main bus is often called the L/R bus. Other busses are often grouped in pairs, like the 1-2 bus, 3-4 bus, as in our example above. There may also be another switch that lets you route these bus faders to the Master fader.

Typical uses of busses are to send a track or groups of tracks to a digital multitrack, or to a soundcard or audio interface. Yet you can also be very creative with them, such as sending them to samplers, grooveboxs with analog inputs, surround encoders, separate compressors and more. Some busses may have inserts. These are nice as they let you return the external signal back to the mixer without eating up more channels.

I'm guessing effects parameters are just the settings on the VST and other settings that "effect" the track/channel.

And it looks like Tripps beat me to the punch. Bah!

Czar of Turd Polish
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Jan 09, 2009 01:17 pm

I prefer to look at it as a team effort :)

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Jan 09, 2009 05:27 pm

yeah I know it's team effort. I should have said you posted while I was still writing haha.

Prince CZAR-ming
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Jan 10, 2009 06:59 am

VST : Victor Simon Telemond, the founder of Steinberg. He later went on to found the Newton Automation Society (grudgingly referred to as NAS).

Channel Automation : When the English (from England) figured out how to run a computer, they decided a robot captain would be a good idea to drive the ferries over from the mainland (France). Hence; Channel Automation.

Ironically, Victor (see above) was the first captain to be dislodged from his post of ferry captain, and replaced with an automatic robotic counterpart.

Bus : The land vehicle used by many countries to zip passengers between to and fro. The English like them so much, they made ones with two levels. This could be thought of as a two-channel bus, or a 'Stereo' bus.

Effect Parameter : This is often the name given to the two dials on the dashboard of English busses. There are a 'pair' of 'meters' showing 1) how far away the nearest fish-n-chips location, and 2) the number of passengers on the bus. These two variables greatly 'effect' the rate at which the driver should speed along, as often times the passengers are quite peckish. So the dials became referred to as 'effect pair-o-meters'. Since then, the phrase has been shortened to 'effect parameter', so as not to confuse the drivers.

Sadly, Victor was passed over as a Stereo Bus driver, as his night vision was sub-par.

* Editor's Note * No offense was meant to the English (to which i'm quite fond), anyone named Victor, or Muzika, the OP. The author was just having a little fun on a Saturday morning whilst drinking his Tea.

More Ironically, the NAS (see above) went on to start producing their own line of Tea that didn't fair too well, probably from the name: NAS Tea.

* end note *

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Jan 11, 2009 02:02 am

Now why'd you have to go and post something like that? :P

I'm gonna need a new gut now...mines all busted up thanks to that post.

Damn comedians. :P

Music is my boyfriend
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Jan 11, 2009 08:25 pm

alrighty thanks guys ill read all this and c what i get hahha

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