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I've asked this question before but dont think i worked it out.

when i mixdown, the result sounds a little different. Im finding it mostly with levels top and bottom end.
I know its supposed to sound exactly the same, so im thinking maybe i have effects set up wrong as far as settings are concerened (for mixdown).
got any ideas?
im also getting a different perspective listening to playback speaker wise if i stand up and move back from the desk a bit. the kicks seem to be way too punchy bass wise.

what is the best height and placement to have your monitors in? I currently have them setting just under head height, just over a meter way from me, kinda tilted about 45 deg inwards.
There is nothing behind the speakers either, they just sit on stands.
all this undoubtably contributes to the mixdown prob too. not sure on what to do.

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MASSIVE Mastering, LLC
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Nov 22, 2008 10:39 am

Most of what you're looking for is here: www.massivemastering.com/...Room_Setup.html

But your issue is completely and totally typical of *any* relatively small (under 2500 cubic feet) rectangular room with a lack of broadband trapping.

It's a favorite "soap-box" of mine and I hate to say that there's no shortcut - You will only be as good, accurate and consistent and your monitoring allows you to be. Your monitoring will only ever be as good, accurate and consistent as the room they're in allows them to be.

There's one point in your room that's "most" accurate - And it's probably not very accurate... A deviation of inches from that point can be the difference of hearing a 10dB peak in one frequency or a 40dB null in another. The only way to make those spots less of an issue is to add broadband trapping. A dozen 4" (or corner-style - even better) traps is (IMO/E) an absolute 'bare minimum' to make a space workable - although even some MFG's will note that as few as four or six will make a measurable difference - which is true - But it depends on the room whether that difference will be "the difference" - And "overdoing it" is nearly impossible.

You can over-foam a room very easily. Personally, I've never been in a room that needed more than a sheet or three of foam... But it's very easy to rob a room of ambience and then leave all the low end issues (which make up around 90% of the problematic energy) to take over. Broadband trapping will tackle the low end and mids, but will generally leave the high end softened and more even, but not gone.

I'm in a 1500 cubic foot space - I have 30 broadband traps of various MFG in here. And if I had the space, I'd put in 30 more.

The really-super-cheap-starter cure? Bags of R32 insulation - 8 or 10 of them - stuffed in the corners of the room, floor-to-ceiling. Leave it right in the bags. I can all but guarantee that peak/null you have currently will be cut down considerably. Probably not nearly "flat" - but much closer to "manageable."

Hobbyist musician,pro recorder
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Nov 22, 2008 02:39 pm

I mix with headphones. I know it can be a false sense of space and ultimate sound, but it is the most accurate to get the general mix done with. Then I go to monitors and ultimately burn to cd and try it on various units including the car to make sure one method did not give me a false overall sense of sound.

And I almost always end up going back and making adjustments, but not large ones. SO the cans tend to give me the best overall impression.

Since: Nov 27, 2007

Nov 22, 2008 07:50 pm

thanks MM, i rememeber you stating something very similar in a previous post, so cool when i get back in town i will get these bass traps a happening.

im in a brick tiled floor room, so i guess its bouncin round everywhere.
the bass frequency i speak of is that real s***y muddy 200/300hz type basssy poo.
so it really sucks when i hear it after i stand back from the desk.

im doing stuff with a bit of keyboard backing so i guess that too is getting drowned a bit, coz when i bring it too the front room and play it on a cd player they coome up too loud along with other stuff, i guess in that similar frequencey range.

cool i just had read, sounds easy enough to get stuff going. cheers.

McMerkin, yeah i've tried mixing with headphones and i find them to be a bit difficult as well, i guess it depends on ones ears.
i find im way off with the mix using this method when i listen to playback. but as MM stated, my room is up to s**t too, so even my perception of the headphone mix is poo, because of when i listen to that thru the monitors.
will get it going and see how she pans out.

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