my input monitoring option has vanished on acid 6.0!

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any help would be greatly appreciated here...

i am using acid pro 6.0, and guitar rig 2 as a BUS thingie to record effects into acid.

i finished up one project, having used the bus thing just as i was told to on the net somewhere:

1) insert bus
2) choose guitar rig
3) insert audio track
4) choose "bus A" on "insert/remove envelope" option
5) turn input monitoring on
6) arm track
7) record while hearing the effect while recording

aside from a few difficulties i managed to work around, i was able to hear the effect playing while recording, or even while idle, as long as the track was armed. fantastic.

then suddenly the next day, the option to turn input monitoring on, off, or to auto just... vanished.

i would usually right-click on the track, goto the bottom of the list "record inputs", that would bring up 4 option2:

1) input monitoring
2) stereo
3) left
4) right

the input monitoring option would then open up another drop-down menu with the option of turning input monitoring on, off or to auto. but for some reason the input monitoring option/dropdown just isn't there anymore.

i don't know if i changed an option here or there, or what, but it's highly frustrating, and all i want is to fix this.


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