looking for a program (mac) that will work with a mixer

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ok so im kinda of new to this thing.
i play for my church and we have a decent mixer nothing too fancy. i donno what it is, i will have to look next time im there.

anyway. im curious if i can find a program that basically works with the mixer, will i be able to map out the different channels for each instrument in the program?

ie. like lead guitar is set to channel one on the mixer, at about half the volume, and if i where to have a channel on the computer in the program and it was set to channel 1 and i where to raise the volume on the computers channel would it just turn up just the guitar? or would it be an overall thing?
plus would i have control over monitors and a PA on separate outputs? or individual monitors for that matter? or is that a wiring/channel thing?
should i be able to do this, would i have control over effects? like adding a synth to vocal, or adding a caponent to get rid of a hiss?
plus is it possible to have a MIDI hook up so every one can change their effects when they wanted to?

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Nov 19, 2008 03:45 pm

Someone else can probably answer a bit more specifically than me, but I'll help as I can.

First off, getting the channels from the mixer to the software is going to depend on the audio interface. You'll need as many inputs on the interface as you have channels coming from the mixer. Then within the DAW, you should be able to route the channels as needed.

As for midi capabilities and other control effects, that's probably going to depend on the mixer itself. I'm guessing most of the more modern mixers have this functionality, and you might be able to set it as a midi controller. Again, find out what kinda mixer it is, and then track down specs and manuals to find out what all you can do with it.

Now as far as macintosh software goes, you should be able to interface it with Apple Logic. There may be macintosh ports of other DAW solutions as well.


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