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i did this song a while back which i ended up deleting coz it was doing my head in for alot of reasons.
anyway, at some point i did a mixdown of it which is a liitle pus, but now i wanna throw some vox at it and im having a bit of a hassle blending em in.

they kinda sound dumped on top, which they are in every sense.

im thinking possibly the reverbs etc. are clashing too.

anyone ever done this?
did you find them hard to blend after the rest has been mixed.
more so, any tips?


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Nov 07, 2008 01:32 pm

I have done this for demo purposes. I recently had a track that was completely instrumental and years later we finally wrote lyrics so we added them over the top of the mixdown in lieu of re-recording something that was just a to get ideas. I found that the vox initially stood out because at first listen, we want the vox to be clear so i had a nice hot voice. but when i really listened holistically, i realized that they were simply just too loud. my suggestion would be to start with the vocals a little on the quiet side and inch it up instead of starting loud and pulling back. it seemed to put things into perspective a little quicker for me...but everyones different. outside of that, a little eq work and definitely compress the vox. the verbs shouldnt be an issue i would think as long as your not going nuts with it.
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Nov 08, 2008 03:01 am

i've been mucking about with the eq's and stuff.
might just have to fart around with em a bit more specificaly.
im thinking there may be only so far i could blend them in the state the mix is in.
its not bad, but its mixed you know?

i wish i had access to all traks still, but i got jack of it and was spending too much time on something i was using as a mix session/learning thingy.
i felt i wasnt in a postion to mix it anymore as i was constantly listening to it looking for things that werent there.
So i deleted it. Since that though i have come back to it after 4/5 weeks and stuffed around with it and its sounding not so bad. Hence the vox.
I will post it when done. see what you think.
I did really muff up the kick though but hey, ya get that.

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Nov 12, 2008 03:26 pm

I have done this once. A complete mix that had vox added at a later date. I used a small amount of stereo delay and some verb.

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