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Does anybody know of a good freeware Noise Reduction plugin?

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Nov 03, 2008 01:16 am

I don't even know of a good really expensive one.

"Good" compared to some things? Sure. But I've never heard a NR plug that "really" impressed me. The best ones I've ever used are still far too invasive IMO.

Back to the freeware part - I'm not even aware of a freeware NR plug. If there was a reasonably stable one out there, I'd have probably tried it. Some of the best plugs I've ever used were freeware.

But noise reduction... Most noise-print plugs (again, even the really nice ones) are riddled with artifacts. IRX gives you some control over the crappier ones (like Waves X-Noise, etc.). Some of the "built-in" ones are relatively amazing - Samplitude/Sequoia's V10's are probably the best 'simple' NR I've used - But that's upping the $$$ even more.

If you're just looking to cut down on some broadband noise, you can twist most MBC's around into a frequency conscious expander - Though very few do it really transparently - UAD's MBC is the only one I'm really happy with.

Otherwise, as usual, the best noise reduction available is the noise you stop before hitting the "RECORD" button.

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