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ok, so for some stupid class i decided to record a song in chinese for extra credit.

everything went fine, until i decided to mix it down. I slect all, and then hit export as a wav. I export it. then i saved my sonar project. close sonar. Go and play the WAV file, and its in like.. 1/3 time. everything so super slow mo! then i open sonar back up, and play the sonar file, and now THAT one is in super slow mo!

what happened?

is there anyway i can like speed it back up (i dont really care about the quality of this audio) i just need to somehow get it back NEAR the original speed.

please help!


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Czar of Midi
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Oct 26, 2008 09:32 pm

You need to check your sample rate settings in both the export set up and in the project set up. Also look at your audio interface settings as well. That is the normal cause of this type of thing.

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