Going from just macbook pro mic, to Edirol FA66+Audiotechnica AT3035

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Okay so i was wondering the boost of quality i am going to get when i record by adding these 2 items, i JUST bought them at sweetwatermusic and they are coming to today sometime

experience, well , ive recorded at a whole lot of studios in st louis, but the thing is, with my mac book, i can almost better the quality with JUST the mic on my mac when i master each track with adobe soundbooth, than i can paying 20-30 dollars an hour on someone elses time...

ive been mixing and recording for about 2 years now, only about one year knowing what the hell i was doing (but that was from learning in studios)

i know how to get a recording sounding good with the least quality gear.

What is going to be the difference between me recording into a edirol FA 66 and a audio technica AT 3035

im anxious as anything to hear what i just paid for, hoping i didnt make a mistake.


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Since: Mar 12, 2008

Oct 04, 2008 12:35 pm

Whats your favorite studio around stl? I love Webster U's studio "A" it just got a HUGE new console. First off you didnt make any mistakes at all. The only problems i have with that setup is i dont know about the preamps (easy fix) and a usb probably would be a bit easier. But that aside you should be getting some quality recordings a millions times better than an onboard mac mic. O ya keep getting mics, every mic has its own sound so with a lot you can use different combinations or single mics to get the best possible sound and welcome to HRC.

Czar of Midi
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Oct 04, 2008 06:49 pm

While I know several peop0le who like the sound of the onboard mic in their Mac. They do know when to switch to a higher quality mic for recording.

While the FA is not top of the line it will be much better then what you are getting now when combined with the 3035.

Its kind of funny reading that you are producing better quality with the onbaord mic then the studio's around you. I would imagine they will be out of business soon if that is the case.

Ne'er ate 'er
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Oct 04, 2008 06:54 pm

I know nothing. But I love my 3035.

And I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last month.

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Oct 05, 2008 06:01 pm

well, i havnt hit up any studios near webster.

and i can get a pretty freaking good quality recording off my 15' macbook pro...

and pre-amps..

explain? =) im new to that, only touched the tip of the ice berg on it.

im 18 year old currently making his own record label, small studio, and myspace design business.

i write music, and love recording and producing.

i currently go to Mizzou (university of columbia missouri)

what else would i need for this setup?

and honeslty, firewire on my mac seems a whole lot ezier and makes it more seemless when i record, because macs seem to lag when using the onboard mic, or USB mics (from what ive discovered)

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Oct 06, 2008 11:57 am

aaaahhhhh COMO i feel drunk just thinkin about it. lol. Anyways you hook mics into pre amps, gets your mic to line level. I used my toneport ux-2 (a usb interface) on my fiends mac book and we had no problems even the install disk has universal binary which made things quick and painless.

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Oct 06, 2008 02:00 pm

so that should be next on my list if i dont enjoy the sound being produced by the recordings i do?

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Oct 06, 2008 06:15 pm

I wouldn't go as far as saying that. I think everything will turn out sounding fine as long as you properly stage the gain (no clipping). If it is really that bad...try a different mic or something I don't think your interface would be the culprit. But I do love my toneport, so if you did get one I wouldn't hate you for it. =)

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Oct 06, 2008 06:34 pm

i dont see why so many people are against garage band....ive used pro tools, acid pro, and cubase, and nuendo and i prefer garage band over all of those....

which is odd...

people hate garage band cuz its free =)


and, my mic is supposedly an extremely good mic...

Czar of Midi
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Oct 06, 2008 08:36 pm

If your talking about the 3035 being a good mic, yes it is. It is an excellent all around mic. I use mine frequently on a variety of sources depending on the end result needed.

As for GarageBand, you won't find anyone here saying GarageBand is bad. Several guys here use it and love it.

For me, I need a much larger more powerful DAW so it would probably not work for me. Not to say I wouldn't use it IF I were a Mac guy for certain things.

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Oct 08, 2008 06:48 pm

okay....well, since everyone ive talked to wanted me to do it, i bought logic pro 8 this morning.

it was 150$ thru my school ^^

im still installing it because its a massive program.



my recordings, sound almost seemless with garage band, i recorded Jasey Rae acoustic last night before i went to be because my edirol fa66 and mic came in

, so i cant wait till this is done installing!

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