EZdrummer midi to Acid Pro 6.0-Running XP Pro SP3

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I'm using a Roland TD-3 drum kit and hooked it up to my PC with a midi cable. When I play using EZdrummer I hear all the beats through my mixer, but when I record in Acid, some of the beats are missing. It seems to be when I do real fast 32 notes. When I run a 1/4 inch cable from my TD-3 to my Gear Box and just use the crappier samples provided, instead of using the midi track, it records fine. I just prefer the EZdrummer sounds over the default TD-3 sounds. Any ideas?

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Czar of Midi
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Aug 30, 2008 01:06 am

It might be one of a couple different things.

Either the kit is not sending the exact data stream fast enough and is dropping the notes, or possibly the midi interface sending the data to the PC is doing it.

Or it could be Acid is not picking it up fast enough, or even EZ drummer. You might look into the midi data stream settings to make sure it has a big enough buffer to catch all the notes and not be dropping any.

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