HELP with recording Acoustic!

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I just purchased a mic and hooked it up to my mic input on the pc using an xlr cable and an adapter. But, when I try to record my acoustic guitar, it will record beautifully for about 5 seconds and then just fade out, only returning if I really beat out a chord, yell, etc. It records voice just fine, but the guitar recording is a mystery. Suggestions?

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Czar of Midi
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Aug 11, 2008 09:35 pm

Well for starters I am guessing you are plugging it into the PC's on board sound card???

That will not work very well at all. In fact I am surprised you are getting much signal at all really as there is no pre amp on the built in type sound cards.

And plugging an XLR balanced cable into an adapter into the PC is probably not helping either.

IF a music store salesman told you it would work, take the adapter back and hit him on the head with it. They should know better.

Anyway, you will need some kind of a pre amp, or a little better sound card along the lines of some of the USB types that have a pre amp built into it.

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