Can someone help me with my ZOOM MRS-1608 Please?

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Hi to all!!
My name is Manuel, I'm 26 and I'm an italian organist.
I've bought recently a Zoom MRS-1608, but I have used it for very little time, because the internal HD of 40 GB has broken out.. when I turn the power on, I don't feel the hard drive powering (such as could be for exemple for a pc hard disk in normal condition).. and indeed the message I read on the LCD after scanning all devices is "Int HDD Error" (a message that no figures in the owner's manual). So.. I can't restore the folders and the files because:
1. hard drive has broken
2. I've not the restore ZOOM CD

I've tried to contact the local zoom distributor, but offices will remain closed untill 25 of august!??!
So.. I ask to anyone could help me: it's possible to restore the default configuration of folders and files in an empty hard drive for pc?!? If yes, could someone, pleasly, make a copy of his ZOOM CD and send it to me at my email address (!?
Or in other way.. if no one has this CD, or if it's not possible to re-configurate a new hard drive with the setting, folders and files of the hard drive in use of MRS-1608 model, could someone make a copy of his hard drive.. and send it to me by mail?!?

I thank all of you so much for the courtesy!!!

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Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Aug 07, 2008 08:16 pm

I would think Zoom should have that on their website. But it sounds as though it may be a bad HD in the end anyway, so restoring it might not do any good as that could fail as well.

Did you buy it used by chance?

Since: Aug 07, 2008

Aug 08, 2008 02:19 am

Hi Noize2u, many thanks for your reply! Yes, I've looked into every site of ZOOM to find the sofwtare released in the cd yet, but.. I found anything that could be of some help!?!
I bought this mixer used of course and, to solve this problem, I think that I have to change the hard drive, pulling out the broken one and putting on a new one, may be a "normal" hard drive commonly use on pc!?!
And so.. copying the default files and settings sent by someone who have the same zoom model, I really hope to start a new life with my mixer!!!
That's way I'm trying to find some people having the same model..

Many thanks!

Since: Aug 07, 2008

Aug 08, 2008 02:20 am

Sorry, I wanted to say that, in ZOOM's sites, I found nothing..


Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Aug 08, 2008 08:33 pm

Alright, well while hopefully someone here might catch this and have what you need. I will take a bit of time and check some archive places I know of and see if I can find you something that will work. I'm not sure on the HD if is a laptop type of a full sized PC type.

OK, well it was easier then I thought. First place I looked, which is not were I expected to find it. It is an offshore site and not US. But the software available is all there. So have a shot at this. Full system installs and some other tools you might need. For both Mac and PC as well.

Here it is, good luck.

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Mar 21, 2015 05:26 am

Pls how did you resolve the issue with your MRS1608 hard-drive problem because I'm facing same challenge a quick response will be appreciated

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