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Hi all,

I have recently decided to invest in a home studio of sorts and got myself a tascam us 144 to use with cubase sx. I'm using this with a condenser mic plus guitars.

Sorry if this is pretty basic stuff but I'm having trouble getting the guitar to play out of more than one speaker, i.e it only plays on the right side as it is the right sided input, is there a simple way of correcting this. Also is it pretty standard to use two mics? As i notice there are both left and right connectors for that too, or is there a way to get around that just using the one mic. Any help and advice would be welcome.


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Veni, MIDI, Vici
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Jul 02, 2008 12:08 am

Hi James, your Tascam has a "Mono off/on" switch. Setting that switch to "on" should take care of the problem while recording.

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Jul 02, 2008 01:38 am

Hey James, welcome to HRC.

I have a Tascam US-144 as well, so I know what you're talking about in that respect. But I dont use Cubase. Anywho, there should be a setting in Cubase to set which input your drawing from the US-144. I use Sonar 7 an have several options for the recording inputs from the US-144 in my drop down menus on individual tracks. I usually use left for acoustic and the right with the switch set to guitar for electric guitars. Either of these when selected should produce a mono signal of what you're trying to record. The trick is finding where to pick the input signal source in Cubase, which as I said, I'm unexperienced with. A few guys use Cubase on here though, so they'll chime in if you can't find it.

But the US-144 is an awesome choice. I would have gotten a Line 6 UX-2 if I had done my research enough, but the 144 gives me all I'll need for quite some time; SPIDIF, two preamps, midi, and a whole lot of other stuff. Add that to how easy it is to use and it's a no brainier.

Since: Jul 01, 2008

Jul 02, 2008 12:53 pm

Thanks for the help, yeah i use the mono switch and i can hear through both sides when monitoring but the actual recording is still only on one side, i was wondering if there's a way to record so it plays through both.

Like I say, I'm quite new to all this so just messing around with it at the moment and finding new stuff out all the time.

So Keith when you record guitars do you always record them so that they are only through the one side?

Prince CZAR-ming
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Jul 02, 2008 01:58 pm

In your software, you should set to record the guitar track into a mono track. It sounds like you're recording into a stereo track. You don't want this, as the source is only mono.

After you get the track into your PC as mono, the software will send the signal to both sides automagically when you're playing it back.

There may be a setting for 'make this stereo track into a mono track' or maybe you can split a stereo track into 2 mono tracks, then delete the empty one.

I've done the above in n-track, but not sure if cubase does this. I assume it does.

I haven't had to try in reaper, as I'm usually recording mono. When I need stereo, there's a easy setting to record as stereo (1/2, or 3/4, etc).

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Jul 03, 2008 12:40 pm

Thanks, yeah that's sorted it now.


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Jul 07, 2008 07:01 am

Good to see you got it all figured out! The US 144 is an awesome interface, it's just a pain to set up on some computers.

But Nightcap hit the nail on the head. I wish I would have interpreted his reply correctly, I would have given a different answer.

And to answer your question, though late, I set my guitars to record mono on the left channel because I have an XLR (built in DI) input on my acoustic guitars. I do all my guitar tracks in mono, so if I want a mic and line input (DI) at the same time, I use two tracks, one left and one right. (Left for guitar and right for the microphone.)

If you ever have any more issues or just need any general help with the US-144, drop me a line and I'll help you. I've had this thing hooked up to all kinds of computers and have a good general understanding of it.

Veni, MIDI, Vici
Since: Jul 02, 2008

Jul 07, 2008 01:31 pm

Glad you got it working.

^Keith: maybe I was little too cryptic? :)

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Jul 07, 2008 03:42 pm

Just to continue this post, I recently bought a Tascam US-144 too; I have tried to connect it to my Roland TD-8 and then from the Tascam to a laptop with Cubase LE4; I'm having no luck however.

I'm fairly certain the connections are correct ... R/L Outputs of Roland TD-8 to R/L Line In on the Tascam with Mic/Line selected...

I've read the manual and the Cubase setup is a bit confusing, it talks about setting up the Input/Output Bus in VST Connections but I havent a clue what it really means and I can only see the Input/Output as being the Tascam 144 anyway as there are no other options.

Thanks for any help.

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Jul 07, 2008 10:44 pm

hey there MeP,
in your project(song) in LE4 go across the tool bar at the top and find "Devices" click on that and look down it till you find "VST Connections" and click that. it should bring up your connections, which is, the connections of your device, being the Tascam.

what you want to do, is make sure your inputs and outputs are hooked up correctly so it runs through cubase correctly.

firstly click on "outputs" and see what it says in the window below, it should say stereo out Left and right
and if you look across a bit to the right under "device port" you should see your device named there, 1 and 2. they being "outs" left and right on your device to the speakers.

if thats all good, then click on the inputs tab and check them out.
they will most probably be exactly the same, but what we will do is make up a "mono" channel for ya by first clicking on "add bus".
youll get a box saying "configuration stereo" click on it and change it to "mono". when recording, you should always use mono.
ok once that is done get out of that and go into your current project in LE4 and we'll set that up too.

next to where your track window is (Audio 1) you will see all the details of this track, click on audio 1 at the top and you will see under it how it is currently routed. at the moment yours probably says " >[ stereo left"
" >] stereo out.
click on "stereo left" and change it to "mono in". now you have routed you input to cubase for recording. this is what you should do each time you start a new project.
As for your connections from the roland to the tascam, maybe ask Keith as he has the same unit, he can tell you if thats all good.
other than that you should be ready to roll now, any questions just ask.

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Jul 07, 2008 10:53 pm

oh also, when you choose your mono input in the inputs section, whatever number you choose there, should be the the same number input you will be using on the tascam. eg if you pluging into input 3 on the tascam then choose mono 3 in the input section.

if your using the mic line, then find out what number it is classified as in your documentation.
Kieth should be able to tell you that also.

Mans reach exceeds his grasp
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Jul 08, 2008 12:02 am

Hmmmm.... After you follow Deons walk through, make sure Mono is set to off and play with the volumes for each channel (left and right) on the US-144.

To set it up in LE4, the Tascam options should be:

US-144 Stereo
US-144 Left
US-144 Right

Use any of these to draw a signal from the mic or line ins. Choosing the left or right options will record a mono signal from the input you choose, IE US-144 left is a mono signal from the left input, which will be played back through both the left and right speakers. All other options aren't really necessary in this scenario. Also, the 'mic/line guitar' switch only applies to the right TRS (1/4") input.

Since you're basically dealing with two separate systems here; (the computer/ US 144 system, and the US 144/ Roland TD-8 system,) my best advice would be to get the US-144 working properly with the computer, then take it from there.

Also, have you tried using the midi in/outs on the Roland to the Tascam?

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