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Trying to run the Cubase program on my computer and the program won't even start it gets stuck on the entrance screen saying "Initializing MIDI Controller"... Everythings plug in correctly I just can't figure out what's wrong!

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Jun 18, 2008 09:21 pm

re install it. it happens. if you got the cubase with an interface be sure to follow the intructions for installation.
It can be touchy.
dunno if youve read any of the tutorials here on site before, but you will be better off to do that first, if you are running a windows computer then you'll have to do some setting up in your settings. click on "tips" on the home page of this site and click on "computer based" and check it out. if your using windows xp for example find that heading and follow those inst.

it can be a pain in the *** to get things going if you dont do that stuff first.
definatley sounds like you should first, uninstall, then checkout the tips section and do that, then re install to instructions.
hope this helps.

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