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I just want some ideas as to how to limit or eliminate some of the buzzing/noise in the background. I have heard of noise gates and direct boxes and such but am unsure of which I need or if i need them at all. The problem is not serious but I would like to have a cleaner sound if possible. Perhaps even more importantly I would like to make sure I am causing no damage to any of my equipment.

It will probably help to know my usual setup(s).

-Mic(s) straight to mixer via a 1/4" jack(sometimes to a pedal first. I have used my "guitar" pedals for all instruments)

-guitar(s) either to lo, hi or aux in amp, OR Into mixer first(often with a pedal).

- Keyboard exactly as guitar, except usually without effect.

-mixer is either before or after my amp. I don't believe I have ever done it without the amp, but I have done it without mixer. Whichever comes last then send out to the computer to record.

-I have recently gotten cubase but have yet to really delve into it, though i suspect it may have options for me as well for noise/hum reduction.

OK, if you need to know anything else check my profile or just ask away. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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May 11, 2008 08:49 pm

Well plugging the mixer into the amp lo or hi z inputs is not the best idea and might be causing some noise there. Using the aux in would be OK but the extra gain from the mixer might be causing some of the noise.

When you say running the mixer after the amp are talking about miccing the amp or running a line output from the amp to the mixer?

I'll also state that plugging a mic into an FX pedal will cause some issues as well with a bit of noise depending on how good the cable is such as its shielding and the like. Most guitar pedals are notorious for noise at times.

But yes, a noise gate is a simple and usable solution to help in those situations for sure.

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