Recommendations on a EQ VST?

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Hey all...

Anyone got a particular VST for EQing that they prefer? I'm looking for a good one (and preferably a free one) and I just wanted to get some suggestions.

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May 09, 2008 02:57 pm

I've always used Classic EQ myself, which works for me. If you can find it, Antress has a few different EQ processors, which may or may not float your boat. I'd also suggest browsing through KVR's vst database, and trying out the various eq that get decent ratings from users, and see what works well with your workflow.

edit: Antress I understand is more geard towards mastering, but they've been compared to the Waves plugins by some, and I've used Deep Purple from that package myself with a few of my tracks, including Stardust which is posted over on the 61.


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May 09, 2008 04:05 pm

+1 on Antress. CPU hogs, but great sound.

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