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I was playing around in the studio on the weekend and was laying down some demos for some songs ive been working on. I didnt want to wake up the girlfriend at 8:00 on a saturday morning so I decided to record my amp through its lineout to my Robbie preamp to my Mbox 2. The guitar tone wasn't horrible but it wasn't any better than demo quality. I was just wondering if any one here has had success recording guitar through a line out and getting a really decent sound? Ive also seen in bigger studios that they will have the amp(head) in the control room, are they recording by line out? or does it get ran to a cab in the live room?

P.S. I was using my Marshall Valvestate, I wish I could try with my Vox AC30 but it obviously doesent have a line out.

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May 06, 2008 12:15 am

They'll usually run the Head to the Cab in the live room so they can play with the settings and avoid becoming deaf :-).

There are some 'speaker emulators' that act like an attenuator with a line out which you could use with your AC30. I forget names though...

Ah, here's one:

As for direct out recording, I don't know. Hopefully someone else will pop in...

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May 06, 2008 08:14 pm

Honestly there just are not any really good line out set ups on many amps that will give you the same tone you are hearing through the cab. That was my main reason for switching to Line 6 emulator's.

And ya, I know it isn't a real tube amp. But my clients don't really care as long as it sound good. But that said I also have lots of time invested in getting my patches sounding proper and learning what to do with the track after it is recorded to make it sound real.

I use both a Line 6 PODxt that is fully loaded as well as a UX-2 and love them both.

But as CS pointed out an attenuator is probably your best bet to get ripping tone at quiet volumes. Or the box CS is linking to.

Fixed yer link by the way CS.

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