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hey its me again...Im using an ART tube mp pre amp...I like it a lot...will I be recording an stereo signal if I split the output from the pre amp using a y splitter and go into channel inputs 1 and 2 on the delta 44????.

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Feb 20, 2003 01:28 am

nope, if the preamp outputs mono, you'll be recording mono.

just send the one output of the preamp into one input on the delta (center the pan in the delta's software control panel) and record that.

If you want to pan it later during mixdown, or even add some stereo effects to make it stereo later thats fine. just remember that a stereo file is twice the size, so there's no point in recording two of the same thing.

hope i can help ;O) -j

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Feb 20, 2003 07:57 am

Stereo is your ability to hear the direction that sound is coming from. Your ears and brain can depict direction in sound if a sound is either louder on one side than the other or if the sound reaches one ear before it reaches the other. With a "Y" splitter you will create two identical sound tracks one will be played back in the right speaker the other in the left speaker. With no difference between the two signals the brain will intrepret the sound as mono or one source coming from the center of the two speakers. As Jamie mentioned, you can do things to mono signals to simulate a stereo effect after recording. You can use equalizers to make different frequencies louder in one speaker than the other or delays to make the sounds come to your ears at different times. Most stereo simulation is dull as it is un-natural. Now if you use your pre amp to record one instrument or voice at a time and assemble all of those mono tracks into a multi track mixer, you can create a natural stereo effect using different paning for each instrument as the volume of each instrument will be different between the two speakers.

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Feb 20, 2003 10:20 am

EUREEKA!!!!! How bout I run the xlr or 1/4 inch output of the pre amp back into a channel on the mixer and just output the stereo bus to a track in cubase or cool pro...ta daaaaaaa!!!!! I ohm a geeeenioussss egorrrreeee...ha haha ha ah a ahahaha a hahahaha a hahahaha...(Thunder and Lightning in the background)

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Feb 20, 2003 06:07 pm

madhatz, you'd still have two identical channels.

record your mono sources mono, and pan/effect them later. indeed you can output a mono signal from the stereo outs of the mixer, but *both channels will be identical* so make sure your recording app is set to record a mono source.

unless your applying an outboard stereo effect in your mixer's effects loop like any that Walt mentioned. then the left and right channels will be different.

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Feb 21, 2003 04:58 am

The best way to simulate stereo from a mono source (which your would be) woudl be to apply a slightly different EQ and a little bit of stereo reverb to the mock "stereo" track to give it some space and some depth.

If you start your chain with a mono recording you can split it up with as many cables as you want, it will still have the same signal coming from both (or all) speakers involved.

What you could do is look into QSound effects or something like that which actually does a pretty nice job of faking things like surround sound and stereo with some very complex algorhythms. A sound card I tested for Philips Electronics has QSound built into it and it performs quite well.

The only advantage to doing what you said in your original post is that you willhave two separate tracks to work with and process differently, technically the two tracks will still have the exact same signal.

Stereo is not simple having sound come out of 2 speakers, if that were the case we could have all had 7.1 surround sound years ago ;-). It being able to pan sounds back and forth between the two to have different instruments in the mix actually coming from different directions around the listener.

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