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I just finally got all the pieces I needed for my in-home studio set-up; which in turn brings me to stage 2.

I ma absolutley clueless about Cubase 4 LE.
Never have used any editing/recording software or hardware newbie/cavman to this.
Can anyone point me at a really good tutorial ?????
Something that can show me what all the bells and whistles do ??

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Apr 09, 2008 08:28 pm

you can purchase a dvd called "cubase le demystifyed." try Ebay, its not cubase le4 but they are 99% the same, so its a good dvd.

Also in the help section in cubase you can find the tutorials, think there is a couple in there. it will be under "getting started" in help.
If they arent there check in the cubase folder in my docs and open it, they should be there.
im no wizz yet but im getting there so if you need any pointers just ask. if i dont or cant answer then heaps of dudes here know cubase too.

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