Recommended firewire type for Phonic mixer

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Hi, I am purchasing two Phonic mixers for work (recording audio from conferences with multiple microphones) and would like to know if the MkII's are stable with 1394a, or if I absolutely must have 1394b.

(disclaimer: wish I could afford two Mackies, but that isn't possible with my budget. thanks for understanding :) )

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Apr 05, 2008 06:53 pm

To be honest, I can't tell. They don't specify either, even in the manuals. I would think their mixers would be compatible with both, but then again you never know. Which models are you considering?

It might be a good idea to shoot an e-mail to their support team on that one, since they don't announce that spec anywhere, just to be on the safe side.

And there's nothing wrong with Phonic mixers. Nothing at all. Mackie isn't all that great anyway, IMHO.

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