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i am thinking on getting the delta 44 audio card for computer recording. i have the yamaha emx2000 mixer and was wondering if this would be a good match. since i dont have 4 busses (just one) what are the 4 inputs for? i would want to set up like this: all mics and instruments into the mixer, the mixer out to the sound card, form the sound card out to monitors. i would also be using compression, but thats besides the point. is my equipment correct? and how would i run mixer into card?
i would appreciate it if all of my questions could be addressed.
thanks a lot

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Feb 19, 2003 05:10 am

Right, let's have a go then.

First off, the EMX2000 is designed primarily for live use - this is due to it's lack of assignable busees, Main output EQ, etc, etc - however, you can quite easily adapt it for home studio use.

The Delta 44 would indeed be a good choice, you can run the 4 outputs from the Delta 44 into 4 channels on the desk, leaving you with 8 channels free for any mic's or other instruments.

As for the setup of the outputs, you're a little off track. You want to run the SPEAKER OUTs of the EMX2000 into your Speakers, and the STEREO OUTs into input channels 1 and 2 on your Delta 44. You can then also hook up the MONO OUT into channel 3 of the Delta and even use the EFFECT SEND as a fourth buss to feed the Fourth input on the Delta (but don't worry too much about that yet).

Regarding using a compressor - you shouldn't have to buy an external one just yet, because the EMX2000 has a host of digital effects including a compressor, Reberb, Delay and Limiter.

Hope that helps, any more questions - just ask.

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Feb 19, 2003 07:52 am

i would like to use the emx2000 since i already have one. the next question is if it would be suitable for a 4 piece band with 2 elctric (sometime electric and acoustic), bass, vocals, and drums for recording? would i want a seperate mixer for drums, then runnug that into the emx2000 (due to lack of input number amount), or would i want to buy a new mixer for everyhting? i can get a smaller behringer for a good price if thats what i should do with the drums.
tell me what you think.

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Feb 19, 2003 11:31 am

Okay - how will you go about recording the band, do you plan to do "live" where everyone will play at the same time, and everything is recorded into the computer on the 4 inputs (not the best of ideas) or are you going to do everything one at a time (eg: drums first, then bass, then guitars, then vocals).

If you are going to do everything one at a time then the current mixer you have will suffice - the only real problem you will face is how you're going to mic up the drum kit.

Check out the Recording Tips section, there are plenty of articles covering these subjects (and much more) - then feel free to come back to us with any further questions.


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Feb 19, 2003 12:36 pm

i would like to record everything individual, but could we all play so that say the drum player can go along with us? the way that i see this happening is to put everyhting in its own room and use headphones and only send the drum channels through the mains. would that work? and i would use the headphone out to a headphone amp which has lets say 4 outputs..correct?

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Feb 19, 2003 04:44 pm

You really only need four channels for recording drums. Assign one channel to kick, one to snare, and one above each tom. You don't really need another mixer, though you may want one later down the line it's not a priority at this point. You are going to run your monitors through the Speaker Outs of your Mixer, and run the outputs of the soundcard into the desk.

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