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im trying to put this sample into fruity loops, i already converted it to a .wav file but when i try to load it in, it slices it into different pieces, i just want to add it in their as a whole and im not sure how to do that. Can anyone help??

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Prince CZAR-ming
Since: Apr 08, 2004

Mar 10, 2008 12:51 pm

I think I've done this, in FL6, anyway.

I'll have to look when I get home, as i'm at work now.

To be sure, you want to load it into one of the sequencer channels, right? not as a wave file at the bottom? I don't know about the bottom part, as I see the demos have vocal tracks on the bottom.

I just put things in the sequencer parts, in the top part, so I can trigger it in the sequencer.

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Mar 10, 2008 01:01 pm

It's been a little while since I messed with wavs, but I think all you need to do is create an audio channel, load the wav in that channel, then you should be able to click and drag the wav form over to the audio spot underneath the pattern editor over on the right. (er at least I always keep my pattern editor on the right.) I think you can slice it up in the pattern editor as well, but there should be a way to select all the pieces and recombine them or something if memory serves.

Course that was back when I was messing with the demo before I bought it. I only have the fruity edition (though I plan to upgrade to producer in the near future)

And for what it's worth, I'm really diggin' FL8. Nifty nifty stuff in the release candidate.

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