helping record full CD from start to finish. advice?

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Mikey Spencer
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ok, so i got asked to help record this CD. The people I will be helping are doing everthing for it from pre-production, to getting on the shelves. They asked me if i had any good advice. One thing i suggested was sending off to get mastered. I'm not sure what al instruments are being recorded. I might be putting down some electric guitar tracks for it but i think it will mainly be acoustic guitar driven. Do you guys have any advice for me? thanks

oh ya, i don't know much about the studio accept that its running pro tools on a PC (which i hear can be problematic sometimes. The live room is actualy an auditorium and the stage has wood floors. mics are abundent... tons of SM57's, SM58's, betas 57's and 58's, Sennheiser MD421's....tons of other awesome mics....

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Czar of Turd Polish
Since: Jun 20, 2006

Jan 31, 2008 04:32 pm

I used discmakers for our CD. We did not have them do the mastering, but the prices seemed pretty decent and the end product (cd art, cover art, layout) was very well done and looked far more professional than my recording sounds :)

I think we paid $900 for 1000 cd's in the cardboard jackets. Then there was shipping and what not, but very reasonable.

As a recent customer I reccomend them highly for CD production and I would have loved for them to master it if we could have afforded it.

Really great guys too, my project manager was in contact the whole process and kept me up to speed.

Since: Jan 24, 2006

Jan 31, 2008 05:44 pm

As far as making the CD's I really enjoyed using

They have great prices, do a great job and will even handle online sales for you or shipping to Amazon and CD Baby etc.

Czar of Turd Polish
Since: Jun 20, 2006

Feb 01, 2008 05:47 pm

Yeah I forgot about that. They do alot of that side stuff for you also and have many other options available for pretty cheap.

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