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I dunno what my problem REALLY is, but here is what is going on...

I recently bought Adobe Audition 3, and everything was working fairly well, BUT...

1) For some reason (even after following the manual to a "T"), I canNOT get decent mic signal to my tracks. My sound card is a Creative Soundblaster X-Fi (extreme music), and I can see and adjust signal there, but in AA3, it is ...well...crap

Any similar experiences out there? Maybe some help?

2) Until recently, the mastering rack was AWESOME. A few days ago (BEFORE trying to mic anything) I began experiencing LONG delays before any adjustments take effect. Why has it gone from Low latency to HIGH???

Maybe I am just totally stupid, but I swear I have followed the manual.

3) I have not yet succeeded in burning a CD from Audition. Don't know why...but I have resorted to simply saving the file and using the media player to burn CDs. Can someone shed light on my idiocy??

Thanks in advance

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Jan 18, 2008 03:28 pm

hmmm, I'm using an older version of audition, so I don't know how this relates. Anyhow I only have suggestion for problem #1...

Actually its more of a question...
Can you descibe your signal chain going into your computer. What kind of mic, what is it plugged into, and down the line until the signal hits the computer. My first guess is that you don't have a preamp to boost the signal before it hits the soundcard.

for 2, i would ask if you have added any other software to your computer recently? maybe something that is running in the background?

I never tried to burn a cd in auditon before so don't know anything about it. maybe someone else can help.
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Jan 18, 2008 03:38 pm

coolo: to burn in AA is really quite easy. Switch to CD view and either drag and drop the files into the burn list or import the files (if they are not already open). Then you just click on burn CD.

There seems to be a few things going on and I don't think they are to do with AA. Not really sure what it could be actually.

Since: Jan 18, 2008

Jan 18, 2008 06:34 pm

coolo - the chain is mic - preamp - computer. And when I dig into the sound card stuff I can see that there is strong signal.

regarding the latency issues, no new software added. But heck, even changing something with the browser may have done something goofy. Will check that.

and on the burning cd stuff, yeah, I went per the manual (and it is pretty self explanatory anyway) making sure all the sample rate and bit depth stuff was right. And basically... the burn commences, but NEVER finishes.

eh...I guess I will take a breather and look at it with a fresh brain a little later.
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Jan 18, 2008 06:47 pm

And basically... the burn commences, but NEVER finishes.

Did it actually write something to the CD or is it just going through the motions? IOW's, can you see the burn on the CD?

Regarding the other problem, I wouldn't know where to begin. I know there are other AA users out there so hopefully they have some ideas.

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