VST instruments in Cubase LE without MIDI Controller?

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Completely novice question here. I would like to lay down a vst drum track using the built in vst with Cubase LE. I know it has to be a MIDI track, but I don't have a synth or MIDI controller. First, How do I get the VST to record at all? Second, Is it stereo or mono for a drum vst? I do not see a stereo button next to my MIDI track. Third, is there a way to use my computer keys as a controller, e.g. space bar is bass drum, or something like that? I have tried clicking the buttons, but obviously that is not fast enough. Does this question even make sense? Thank for any input. All I really know how to do in Cubase is press record and mic my amp.

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Jan 14, 2008 02:47 pm

I can't say for sure in Cubase, but in Sonar I can show a MIDI grid view and just click on the cells I want a beat in, then right click and set the volume, velocity and all that...I am sure Cubase has to have the same sort of step time sequencing feature.

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Ya, like dB stated you need to go to the piano roll or grid view to write out a drum track. In Sonar yes, you can make the computer keyboard work like a controller, not something recommend though. But I am not sure about in Cubase if keys can b e assigned to do those type of things.

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Jan 18, 2008 10:58 am

I think I was having the same problem you are having. If it is then its an easy fix. I was having no success getting sound from my midi virtual instruments in Cubase or recording it. After figuring out some stuff that I saw NOTHING about in the manual it started to make sense.

First, create a MIDI track, then open up whatever VST instrument you want from the "devices" menu, in the track inspector make sure the MIDI track is routed so "in" is set as "all midi inputs" and "out" is set as the vst instrument you selected (will be in the list), then using the "Draw" tool draw a region onto the MIDI track where the waveform would be if it was an audio track, then with this region selected you can go to the MIDI menu and click "Open Key Editor". This is where you can sequence the MIDI sounds by clicking on the keyboard or inserting the points that will trigger the MIDI sounds on the timeline.

You can also look at all this sequencing in Score Editing mode also found in the MIDI menu. It is in musical notation as opposed to the keyboard layout. Hope this helps.

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Alright, first off his concern here is regarding MIDI controlling, he would like to use his computer keyboard for this. Does anyone know how to do this? Thus far in cubase i have not figured this out unfortunately. I would be interested in accomplishing this so that i have a better understanding of cubases' MIDI settings. Recently i have been tinkering with the MIDI availabilities in cubase just for fun, and to get a better grasp of how MIDI functions in cubase. If anyone is sort of having a problem arranging the correct settings for the inputs and outputs so that sound is being heard and recorded, check out this link.


It is pretty basic, but for that reason helps out the entry level MIDI users.

Does anyone have any good links to download either effect plugins, or vst instruments?

Also does anyone know how to allow a MIDI track control the pitch of another track, like say a vocal track?

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Dec 25, 2008 02:08 pm

here's that link again.
www.expertvillage.com /video/22819_cubase-midi-editing.htm

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