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Hey Guys, well I'll start with what I want to do. A friend and I want to start a comedy podcast with XP laptop and sampling/recording software. Sigmatel or Dell sound card cannot record mic and stereo mix at the same time only one or the other. tried xp audio properties and nothing. Is this hardware or driver. Again its a Sigmatel soundcard in a dell 600m. no problem recording on desktop but constant hissing and with laptop no hissing. Thanks for the advice Guys

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Jan 08, 2008 07:40 pm

also i would record on desktop if i can remove or reduce hissing. I use a recording software to record while using a sampling software to add sound effects live while recording. This free setup works great but if I can get some advise without having to but hardware would be a big help. Thanks again.

Prince CZAR-ming
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Jan 08, 2008 10:41 pm

hmm, i'm on a 600m right now. Looking at the 1/8" inputs, there's only mic in, and that will be mono, not stereo. There's a headphone input too, but that doesn't count =).

That's one of the reasons I bought a external USB audio interface. Also, sigmatel will be poor quality preamp, and converter, won't let me use condenser mic, and the only 1 channel thing.

So if I'm hearing right, you want to play a pre-recorded sampled stereo signal, record this onto the laptop, while recording the vocal bit at the same time. You will need a mixer of some sort for this to work. Plus, you only have 1 channel.

For your desktop system, hiss can come from several sources. First, I would advise you iron out where the hiss is coming from. And, if it's hiss, or a buzz. Buzzes are usually power, where hiss is sometimes components.

Some of the possibilities:

flourescent lights,
dimmer switch closeby,
poor cables,
power cords near mic cords,
recording the computer noise - fans,
poor power coming from the outlet,
also, poor grounding,
poor (noisy) preamps,
poor (noisy) computer interface,
mic preamps turned on while not being used,
sunspots =).

Anyway, you get the idea. Hearing the offending hiss may help us a little, but you being there will probably be faster than us helping. Keep eliminating a part, and see if it helps. swap cables, change right and left side components, etc. Something probably will stick out as the culprit.

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