Jazz Mic for drums, only ONE mic!!!

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I am really into minimalistic recording, and have been recording with an AKG C1000S 2 condenser mic for my drums. I was hoping some one could tell me if there is a more appropriate mic for jazz style drum mic-ing. I understand placement but don't have the slightest clue on equipment. I will eventually pay any amount of money, but it would be nice if you could give me a suggestion of a mic that was $250-400 that is nice, and also from $400-650 thats better, and then one that is $600-1000. $1000 is about all I could spent on a mic right now, but if you know of one that jazz musicians shouldn't be without, and it's above a 1000, please let me know about that too. Thanks so much for the help!

P.S. I've heard wonderful things about Blue, so if they have a condenser that is worth checking out, it like to hear about that too.


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Czar of Turd Polish
Since: Jun 20, 2006

Dec 27, 2007 11:13 am

I have done this with my Rode K2, it is tubealicious and sounded nice. I'm guessing $5-800 (ebay'd mine at $550).

Since: Dec 27, 2007

Dec 27, 2007 12:00 pm

Thanks, but I was looking for a little more detail. And a kind of list o' mics, if anyone is savvy.

Thanks again.

Czar of Turd Polish
Since: Jun 20, 2006

Dec 27, 2007 01:26 pm

What kind of detail? You already stated you understand placement so I commented on a great sounding mic in a specified range. I cannot comment on other price ranges (except the C1000S) because I don't own them.

Since: Dec 27, 2007

Dec 27, 2007 01:40 pm

Not from you, I appreciate your input, but I was just hoping that someone would have several mics that they've used, don't take it personal though. I have already read a bunch about the mic you had suggested.

thanks again.

Since: Apr 03, 2002

Dec 27, 2007 01:42 pm


Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Dec 27, 2007 08:38 pm

Are you looking to replicate a specific era of jazz drum sound or simply wanting to do a single mic that will be more open and varied when it positioned differently?

There are many to choose from but it does depend on what type of sound you are going for.

The link dB posted above has some killer little devil's that are cheap and you can run a pair into a mono signal if you like. Otherwise that company Karma has a couple of other killer mic's. I am currently using one of their K6 Ribbon mic's and did the single mic on a small kit that worked out nicely. A very smooth round sound was given without much work at placing it properly.

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