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I just set up my Behringer 1204, and everything was working fine until i tried to record something. I can hear what ever im playing from the mixer and i can hear the microphone threw the headphones but on my computer nothing shows up at all when i try to record. And if i go into Recording Devices,the little bars dont move what so ever, but i can hear it.

Im using audition, and i already have it set as my default, but yet i cant see any sound waves when i try to record.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Prince CZAR-ming
Since: Apr 08, 2004

Dec 12, 2007 07:55 am


You're not very specific in your post.

What type of mic are you using? dynamic, condensor, etc.

Phantom power turned on?

How are you getting signal out from the mixer?

what type of interface are you using?

Where are the headphones plugged in?

You say you're hearing what you're playing from the mixer? that's not very detailed, pre-recorded signal? incoming signal?

Just to armchair, follow these basic generic steps.

Mic plugged into mixer channel.
Phantom turned on for condensor mic.
channel signal sent to mains.
cable from mains over to audio interface (soundcard, or whatever you're using to convert analog sound to digital bits)
On PC, tell software what device to listen to.
In software, tell software which input channel to listen on, or create a track to receive signal.
(optionally) arm track to receive input.
Press R - Record, and incoming signal from mic should be getting recorded into track in software.

When done, press play and listen to your greatness =).

If you're using a UCA200, then you may have to tell your recording software to use the USB codec as inputs and outputs.

hope that helps.

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