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As a performing band we are just now beginning to realize the importance of having a good monitor system. What we are hearing on stage is very different from what our audience is hearing, and what the audience is hearing is alot better quality than what we are hearing on-stage. This can be a downer while performing because you begin to think you are not sounding so good, but in reality you are sounding just fine through the FOH speakers. The solution, a good monitor setup or so I am told. What should be coming from the monitors, trying to mix in what the audience is hearing or trying to mix in the individual themselves dominantly, or is it suit to taste per musician??
Any tips on we the musicians hearing our performance better??

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Oct 16, 2007 02:18 pm

Each band member should have whatever they a bass player I usually turned myself down and had good guitar, kick and snare in mine, relying on my amp to hear myself. The guitarist may want kick, snare and some bass guitar...The, they'll only want to hear themselves anyway...

Most likely in a small venue situation you'll have only a couple channel for monitors. If that is the case give the drummer one channel and front stage the other...The drummers needs are vastly different and really in a different environment too.

At least thats what I have always done...

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Oct 16, 2007 02:19 pm

In my experience, as accurate as possible.

Though that's just me. I've often had my own sound source on stage, so I can hear myself fine, but needed to hear vocals more to gauge where we were in the song.

Our drummer wanted vocals in his monitor mix, that was always his biggest request, so he knew where we were.

Often we've not had any instruments through the PA, so it was only vocals. That kinda jumps right over trying to mix it a certain way, because there's only vocals =).

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Oct 16, 2007 03:24 pm

when I was performing we always set up practice like we would a stage... that way we got used to what we sounded and looked like without monitors. really improved stage presence because everyone got used to where everyone else was going to be during songs and we knew exactly what the visual cues would look we never had to count off and could have pauses, retards, etc while always facing the audience. ...though practicing 20-30 hours a week helped too... :P

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Oct 16, 2007 08:32 pm

Definitly vocals should be present for everyone, coz ive been a drummer and a vocalist in the band and i know from the perspective of a drummer nothing tells u where u r better than the vox. And ofcourse vocalists have to hear themselves to stay on key (not really, but it helps)and in general if ur singer is saying something to the crowd or trying to get something going, the band is gonna need to know. Ive had alot of situations where ill be telling the crowd its one song, and the band plays another one. Underneath that is rhythm, bass, guitars and such i wouldnt really put much mind into the leads. If ur in a small venue ull mostly be able to hear eachother, and ofcourse drums r always there on stage with u.

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