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Hi, I've never recorded drums before, even though I'm a drummer and have had a soundcard for a while i used it mostly for outputting stuff to headphones or monitors to play along with.

I have a presonus firebox, it's got two preamps for 2 xlr inputs, and has phantom power for the 2 xlr inputs, it also has 2 regular 1/4 inputs with no preamps. I plan on buying a mixer/preamp, but i've got a quick begginner question:

I want to use at least 4 mics at once, i've got a beta 52, sm57, and samson co1 and co2, but i also have access to a lot of other dynamic mics i can borrow

My original plan was to use 2 mics directly into the soundcard with the bult in preamps, then run another 2 through either a cheap behringer xenyx mixer, or two ANT MP preamps, but then i got to thinking if I could use even more mics,

is it possible on any mixers to plug in a few mics (maybe 2 or 3) in, but output them all through the same, single channel/cable? I know i couldn't multitrack those mics, but that way i could use even more mics for drums, and just share them between the 2 line inputs on my firebox


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Oct 10, 2007 11:10 pm

One option is to put all the mics into a mixer, pan and balance to taste and take the the main outs to your sound card. This would give you a stereo mix of the kit. However this does limit the amount of scope you have to get the kit sitting correctly in the mix. But it can be done with time patience and good eq'ing.

Does the Firebox allow 4 track reording or is it 2 x xlr or alternatively 2 x trs ???

If it is 4 track then you could do as i suggested above, but adding an extra snare or kick mic to give slightly better control over the sound.

But hey what do I know I'm only a drummer!!!!

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