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Well, this is gonna be my first time using my PA setup to mix for other bands at an Oktoberfest Gig this Saturday. I have never really been a Sound guy before, mostly just setup our sound before a gig and played after initial setup, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. Any tips from the more experienced would greatly be appreciated. We are using a 12-Channel Behringer Mixer, 2-2500W Behringer AMPS (1 runs 2-15" mains with horns, and the other run 2-18" Subs), a RMS850 running 2 monitors, a BBE i815, Behringer X-Over, and a 2ch Behringer Compressor which I use 1 channel at the moment for the Kick Drum, could use some suggestions on using the 2nd ch.

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Oct 02, 2007 07:13 am

Get the highpacks up as high as you can, make sure the horns are over the heads of the crowd. The highs are the first thing stopped by walls, people or whatever. Get as little in the way as possible. Sound check with the highs a little bit loud cuz the crowd will lessen it right away.

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Oct 19, 2007 05:24 am

duct tape, a sharpie! extra cables (of as many kinds as you can), flashlight, and a few choice tools....and most importantly earplugs.

Hold 'Em Czar
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Oct 19, 2007 05:25 am

oops! i'm a bit late.

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