Cubase LE Vs Current DAWS Sony Acid Pro 6

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Hey guys!

I am currently using Sony Acid 6 for my pc's Daws and I recieved a copy of Cubase LE with a presonus 1394 audio interface I bought.

It states on the presonus box that Cubase LE can handle over 90 Midi tracks, over 80 audio tracks I believe, and can use VST plugins and VSTI setups.

Here is my question. Sony Acid can do all this, but is mainly for making loops and what not. Cubase is more for the actaul music recording. Even though LE is a down version of SE, would I be better off using Cubase LE then Sony Acid 6?

I currently have EZdrummer plugin witch is a midi based drum plugin, Line6 gearbox software and gearbox plugins, and Waves Diamond bundle 5.0 plugins for EQing, effects, and mastering.

Again, sony acid 6 can use all of these things, and the Cubase LE description says it also can handle these plugins. Is it worth learning Cubase LE and using that instead?

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Czar of Midi
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Sep 29, 2007 11:14 pm

I would have to say yes. Although that doesn't mean you should dump Acid by any means. The two can work in harmony if you import and export properly. I would say it is well worth your time to install and try Cubase LE.

I'm a Sonar PE and Project 5 user. I rewire Project 5 into Sonar all the time just for its extra little goodies, even though I can do most of what I need in Sonar, I like P5 for its looping capability as well. So it is kind of the same boat.

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